Aly Nazerali

Altaf (Aly) Nazerali of Vancouver, Canada is known for his international business acumen and charitable endeavors throughout the world. Awarded a MBA from Columbia University at age 20, Nazerali’s innate business sense is evident through a storied career where he’s created, established, managed, and/or run multi-national companies on four continents.

In 1975 Nazerali was given the responsibility by his first employer as In-Country Manager in Algeria for a $235 million project to build what was at the time, the largest electronics manufacturing plant in the world. This was the beginning of an impressive international business career. Upon the successes of a number of large scale communication and engineering projects throughout Africa and the Middle East, Nazerali relocated to Europe where he specialized in commodity-based financing projects. Aly Nazerali eventually made his way back to Canada where he makes Vancouver his home. Since his return he served as a principal for a commodities future trading company that operated a top performing mutual fund in Canada, and founded a Brazilian subscription TV company called Canbras Communications Corp. Additionally, for the last 25 years, Nazerali has served as a principal of Valor Invest Ltd., a merchant banking firm, that has financed numerous companies focused primarily on natural resources, software, telecommunications, and emerging technologies located in Japan, North America, and Europe.

A strong advocate for education, Nazerali has donated resources and efforts to helping the less fortunate reap the benefits of a formal education. From a multi-million-dollar donation for a medical facility attached to the Aga Khan University which bears his family’s name, to his contributions to Rotary International, Nazerali believes all should be given the opportunity to learn. With a deep sense of faith, family, and community the businessman understands that education provides a solid foundation for both personal growth and communal endurance.

Nazerali’s successes has not been without strife. In 2011 a baseless campaign of defamation and slander was launched against the businessman. In May of 2016 Supreme Court of British Columbia deemed the act an egregious personal attack against Nazerali finding in his favor, resulting in a landmark decision, the largest monetary award of its type in British Columbia, and permanent injunctions against the defendants.

“Tortious misconduct of Mitchell, Byrne and Deep Capture, LLC demonstrates an indecent and pitiless desire to wound,” reads Justice Affleck’s May 6th, 2016 decision in favor of Plaintiff Aly Nazerali.

With the defamation case behind him, today Aly Nazerali stays involved in his business ventures and makes his home in Vancouver, Canada with his wife and family.


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